Bebird EARHealth C3 Pro Smart Ear Cleaner (Pink / White)

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Product Features

-       Versatile, skin inspection, microscope, snout, pet, small inspection machine, etc.

-       PRO Version with protect cover can store 4 ear picks

-       One anti-bacterial silicone ear pick and Eight transparent plastic ear picks are included with the box

-       Ear pick has obtained FDA safety and health certification (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

-       The ear pick can be cleaned with sterile paper towels after use (the metal of the body should not be in contact with alcohol)

-       Through the APP video, you can safely explore the ear socket and check the ear health

-       APP supports IOS and Android (APP name bebird)

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-       APP can be connected via WiFi, simple, fast, stable and convenient

-       Wide range of uses, skin inspection, microscope, mouth and nose cavity, pets, inspection of small machines, etc.

-       High-definition video display in the APP, screenshots and videos can also be taken

-       3 million high-precision endoscopes, 13 lens combinations, 6 illuminating LED lights

-       The lens reaches IPX7 waterproof level, suitable for use in complicated environments such as oily and dry ears

-       The lens position can be cleaned directly with water, simple and hygienic (the handle position should not be wet)

-       Three-axis level, precise direction positioning, handy when using

-       A USB charging cable is included with the box (without plug)

-       USB charging, wireless operation, will not be affected by power when using

-       Constant temperature intelligent temperature control can make the ears more comfortable and not cold

Product Specification

Packing size: 20 x 75 x 190mm

Weight: 50g

Color: Pink/White

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service. (not including ear pick)

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