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SOUYI SY-136 Cordless...

$1,190.00 $1,290.00

Hong Kong licensed product, one year warranty (3 months battery warranty)

Power input: AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Power output: DC22V 500mA
Battery: Lithium-ion battery
Power consumption: 200W
Vacuum degree: strong: 18Kpa weak: 9Kpa
Continuous use time: about 18 to 30 minutes
Dust collection capacity: 0.4L
Driving sound: 65dB
Dimensions: about 240 (W) x 300 (D) x 1150 (H) mm
Mass (weight): about 1.4 kg (including host and battery)
The length of the power cord: about 1.6m (DC adapter)
Main material: ABS resin/aluminium
Color: purple/gold

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SOUYI SY-150 土鍋煲仔飯電飯煲

$998.00 $1,298.00

尺寸: 約300(闊) × 300(深) × 255(高)mm

重量: 約5公斤

容量: 2.5L (max.)

電壓: AC220V

頻率: 50/60Hz

功耗: 900W

溫度保險絲: 200℃

配件: 飯勺、量杯及可分拆電源線(長約1.2米) *不含防熱手墊*

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