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Bebird EARHealth C3 Pro...

$228.00 $288.00

-       APP can be connected via WiFi, simple, fast, stable and convenient

-       Wide range of uses, skin inspection, microscope, mouth and nose cavity, pets, inspection of small machines, etc.

-       High-definition video display in the APP, screenshots and videos can also be taken

-       3 million high-precision endoscopes, 13 lens combinations, 6 illuminating LED lights

-       The lens reaches IPX7 waterproof level, suitable for use in complicated environments such as oily and dry ears

-       The lens position can be cleaned directly with water, simple and hygienic (the handle position should not be wet)

-       Three-axis level, precise direction positioning, handy when using

-       A USB charging cable is included with the box (without plug)

-       USB charging, wireless operation, will not be affected by power when using

-       Constant temperature intelligent temperature control can make the ears more comfortable and not cold

Product Specification

Packing size: 20 x 75 x 190mm

Weight: 50g

Color: Pink/White

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service. (not including ear pick)

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Brushean Makeup Brush...

$658.00 $698.00

Product Specification


Size:3.5 x 10"

Weight:1.519 lbs

Distributor offers 6-month Hong Kong local warranty service.

Brush Set

Size: 3 x 7.6"

Weight:0.617 lbs

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台灣T-Fence防御工事 足清新止汗抗菌噴霧 180ml

$90.00 $138.00

有效止汗配方Aluminum Chlorohydrate能大幅降低雙足過多的汗水、去除粘膩悶臭味
結合Piroctone Olamine抗菌配方,阻止細菌滋生,效果達至 99.9%,長效又持久
另添加了 Q10 及維生素B12,呵護肌膚,唔會阻塞毛孔

Trichophyton 白癬菌
Micrococcus 球菌
Brevibacterium 短桿菌
Bacillus 桿菌
Acinetobactium 不動桿菌



Q: 跟除臭噴霧的差別是? 

A: 除臭噴霧是使用在鞋子內,而足清新止汗抗菌噴霧則是直接使用在足部肌膚上,從產生異味的根源直接做處理,此產品為衛福部核准通過的有效足部止汗劑,真正有效止汗除臭。 


Q: 跟腋下止汗劑有什麼不同? 

A: 我們是足部專用,並添加抗菌配方,有效阻抗足癬病菌滋生並添加Q10&B12,緊緻修潤足部肌膚和添加Ethanol(乙醇),清爽收斂足部毛細孔 


Q: 很會留腳汗的是不是就要補噴?用一次可以維持一整天嗎? 

A: 多腳汗的人,請前一晚洗完澡後,肌膚乾燥時使用,隔天出門前再補噴一些,可以大幅降低出汗,若已經出汗再使用,效果不佳。一般人就是睡前噴一次,或出門前半小時~一小時噴,就可維持整天。 


Q: 足止汗噴霧噴一次可以撐多久?一瓶大約可以噴幾次? 

A: 噴一次可以維持一天的效果,洗澡就可以洗掉了。用量依個人出汗狀況不同,一瓶約為20~25次。


Q: 是裸足使用?還是搭配穿襪子使用? 

A: 因足止汗噴霧是直接針對足部肌膚做使用,穿不穿襪都不影響其效果的。 











●  本產品為高壓氣體之可燃性產品,請存放於陰涼通風、且室溫低於50°C的地方,避免放置於陽光照射和幼童易取得之處。

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Vall Face Oil Remover


Product Specification

Size: approx. 9.5 x 5cm

Weight: approx. 20g

Color: Square- Gold, Black, Blue, Pink

Sphere: Gold, Black, Blue,

- Made in Korea

Cleaning method

- Clean the ball lightly with cleansing foam under running water, wipe it gently with dry towel, expose it to natural light and dry it completely for more effective use.

One ball can be used for 3 months, 2 times per day, and is reusable with a better absorption rate.

Caution: Please be careful as the volcanic stone ball may be damaged if it is washed for longer than 5 minutes or if it is exposed to water for a long period of time.

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Dermodacyn Skin Antiseptic...

$79.00 $110.00

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite

Helps heal wounds, cuts, abrasions and burns. Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including H7N9, MRSA, Straph and Strep, within 30 seconds of application. Safe for use by infants, children and elderly. Compact and easy to carry around while traveling. Can also be used to sterilise all surfaces.

**We are designated distributor for Dermodacyn’s products**

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