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Dermodacyn Disinfecting...

$310.00 $380.00

Design to be used to spray in aerosol format, to areas and environments which are suspected to serve as a breeding ground for the spread of infectious disease, likely to result in epidemics or pandemics.

Dermodacyn is medical grade and used in hospitals worldwide and is used in many operating theatres to keep doctors and patients protected and safe.

·       100% Natural

·       No antibiotics

·       No steriods

·       No alcohol

·       Non-irritating, non-staining, non-toxic

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid

**We are designated distributor for Dermodacyn’s products**

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Bebird EARHealth C3 Pro...

$228.00 $288.00

-       APP can be connected via WiFi, simple, fast, stable and convenient

-       Wide range of uses, skin inspection, microscope, mouth and nose cavity, pets, inspection of small machines, etc.

-       High-definition video display in the APP, screenshots and videos can also be taken

-       3 million high-precision endoscopes, 13 lens combinations, 6 illuminating LED lights

-       The lens reaches IPX7 waterproof level, suitable for use in complicated environments such as oily and dry ears

-       The lens position can be cleaned directly with water, simple and hygienic (the handle position should not be wet)

-       Three-axis level, precise direction positioning, handy when using

-       A USB charging cable is included with the box (without plug)

-       USB charging, wireless operation, will not be affected by power when using

-       Constant temperature intelligent temperature control can make the ears more comfortable and not cold

Product Specification

Packing size: 20 x 75 x 190mm

Weight: 50g

Color: Pink/White

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service. (not including ear pick)

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Machino Q10 Plus...

$798.00 $880.00

輸入: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

功率: 45W

水箱容量: 1L

工作容量: 750毫升 

音量: 30-45dB

WiFi無線頻率: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz

無線距離: 10米

尺寸: 193 x 193 x 332mm


有效面積:20平方米 (除濕)

CADR潔淨空氣量: 每小時50 立方米

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COGIT Bangs Styling Hair...

$98.00 $128.00

Precautions for use:

- Be careful not to use this product with excessive force, otherwise it may hurt your scalp.  In addition, please do not use it in one place intensively.

- Do not store in humid place to avoid rust and mold.

- Fragment hair may remain between the blade and the main body.  Pleas remove it with a fine-pointed object. (e.g. pin)

- Please rinse with clean water after use, drain the water and store in well-ventilated place.

- Be careful when handling the blade.

- Do not use old or rusty blades.  The blade of this product cannot be replaced.

- Do not use if the product is damaged.

- Please keep out of reach of children.  Please keep it away from your feet and places where it may fall.

-  Keep away from fire.

- Do not use it for purposes other than the purpose.

- The effect varies from person to person. 

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