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Wishing this tea to be a daily drink for everyone, Carolyn decided to devote all of her time to enhance the taste and the aroma of this tea. After countless trial and errors, she finally succeeded. And now, she would like to share the century-long recipe “Come Yummy Cha” with the world.Offering an astounding aroma, Come Yummy Cha is formulated with premium tea ingredients. Not only does it taste good, it is very different from other healthy drinks on the market. It has been demonstrated that drinking Come Yummy Cha regularly boosts your overall health and has a lasting impact on your wellness.

When you first drink Come Yummy Cha, you will notice subtle differences in your skin. After a week of consumption, consecutively for 7 days, the difference in your skin will become more prominent, including reduction in inflammation and improvement in skin elasticity.

Come Yummy Cha is suitable for all genders. Regular consumption of the tea will lower your blood pressure and keep you energized every day. For ladies, the tea also relieves and minimizes menstrual pain.  

*If you do not feel well after taking this product, reduce the intake amount or stop taking. Above information is for reference only. If you have any questions, please consult professional before consuming.*

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