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SOUYI SY-136 Cordless...

$1,190.00 $1,290.00

Hong Kong licensed product, one year warranty (3 months battery warranty)

Power input: AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Power output: DC22V 500mA
Battery: Lithium-ion battery
Power consumption: 200W
Vacuum degree: strong: 18Kpa weak: 9Kpa
Continuous use time: about 18 to 30 minutes
Dust collection capacity: 0.4L
Driving sound: 65dB
Dimensions: about 240 (W) x 300 (D) x 1150 (H) mm
Mass (weight): about 1.4 kg (including host and battery)
The length of the power cord: about 1.6m (DC adapter)
Main material: ABS resin/aluminium
Color: purple/gold

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Momax IF9 iFan Flow...

$588.00 $658.00

Product Specification

-     Input power: 5V 2A

-     Charging time: 5 hours

-     Operating time: 4-10 hours (depending on wind speed)

-     Noise level: 15, 20, 25+/-dB

-     Adjustable height: 1013mm (~3.3 feet)

-     Size: (10") 250 x 125mm (folded)

-     Weight: 1690g +/-100g

-     Color: White

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

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DAEWOO DY-XC02 無線手持真空吸塵器

$598.00 $798.00
額定電壓: 14.8V
額定功率: 100W
集塵容量: 0.8L
電源適配器額定輸出: 18V 500mAh
嘈音: 低於75dB
主機尺寸: 309 x 106 x 233mm
顏色: 白色
包裝配件: 主機、推桿、地刷、尖頭咀及適配器
安全認證: CE
電池: 2000mAh
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Momax Smart Atom IoT LED...

$198.00 $258.00
Size/weight: 5M / 155g (±10g)
Color: White
Package including: Controller (w/ microphone), USB-C charging cable, instructions and warranty
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Momax Micro Cleanse...

$298.00 $368.00
Package including:
Suction nozzle, vacuum brush, USB-C charging cable
Size: 253 x 7 x x66mm
Weight: 480g
Color: Silver
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