COGIT Bangs Styling Hair Clipper

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Instead of going out to barber shop, the bangs styling clipper allows you to trim your bangs easily and safety.

How to use:

- Comb your hair

- Pinch a small amount of hair to the clipper and slowly push it towards the end of the hair

- The cut hair will be packed into the small box of the hair clipper





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Precautions for use:

- Be careful not to use this product with excessive force, otherwise it may hurt your scalp.  In addition, please do not use it in one place intensively.

- Do not store in humid place to avoid rust and mold.

- Fragment hair may remain between the blade and the main body.  Pleas remove it with a fine-pointed object. (e.g. pin)

- Please rinse with clean water after use, drain the water and store in well-ventilated place.

- Be careful when handling the blade.

- Do not use old or rusty blades.  The blade of this product cannot be replaced.

- Do not use if the product is damaged.

- Please keep out of reach of children.  Please keep it away from your feet and places where it may fall.

-  Keep away from fire.

- Do not use it for purposes other than the purpose.

- The effect varies from person to person. 

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