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韓國製造 神奇驅蟎貼 (4片/包) (預計12月中到貨)

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尺寸: 14 x 20cm

規格: 4片/包

使用期: 2025年

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Dermodacyn Disinfecting...

$310.00 $380.00

Design to be used to spray in aerosol format, to areas and environments which are suspected to serve as a breeding ground for the spread of infectious disease, likely to result in epidemics or pandemics.

Dermodacyn is medical grade and used in hospitals worldwide and is used in many operating theatres to keep doctors and patients protected and safe.

·       100% Natural

·       No antibiotics

·       No steriods

·       No alcohol

·       Non-irritating, non-staining, non-toxic

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid

**We are designated distributor for Dermodacyn’s products**

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台灣T-FENCE 防御工事 APG...

$145.00 $158.00


Q: 只要是水垢都可以用嗎?會不會傷表面呢? 

A: 使用前請先確認適用範圍以及注意事項,再依照正確的使用流程,即可有效去除水垢,不會造成表面受損。

Q: 會造成褪色嗎? 

A: 因為各種表面的製作工藝及品質皆不相同,建議先在小面積做測試,如無問題即可正常使用喔 

Q: 需要戴手套嗎?碰到皮膚會不會怎麼樣? 

A: 建議配戴橡膠手套使用,如果碰到皮膚,用清水洗淨就可以了,不過如果接觸部位有發生異狀,請暫停使用並尋求協助喔 

Q: 為什麼不能用在天然石材上呢?

A: 因為產品本身為微酸性,以利軟化水垢、輕鬆清潔,但若使用在石材上可能會造成損傷,所以不建議使用在大理石、天然石材、石英磚、無釉地磚..等素材。


Q: 汽車水垢也可以使用嗎? 

A: 汽車玻璃部分可正常使用喔,不過板金、膠條、塑料等材質則盡量避免接觸,以免造成損傷 


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Momax Micro Cleanse...

$298.00 $368.00
Package including:
Suction nozzle, vacuum brush, USB-C charging cable
Size: 253 x 7 x x66mm
Weight: 480g
Color: Silver
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Power BIO Dehumidifying,...

$65.00 $88.00


- Keep out of reach of children

- Due to the characteristics of this product, you may smell the peculiar smell when opening or installing it for a period of time.  Smell will disappear after then and will not affect the quality

- The duration of the effect may vary depends on the conditions of use

- Depending on the situation, when the amount of organic matter is abnormally high, it will take longer time to show the effect

- Do not use it in combination with products withe high sterilization and antibacterial effects

- The Effect will be slightly different with the time of use.  It is recommended to replace a new one every 3-month 

- The product inhibits the growth of mold, but the pigment of mold cannot be removed.  And effect may be different depending on the environment

- It may fall off due to uneven surfaces and the material of the pasted parts.  Diuble-sided sticker may remain on the adhesion point

- Do not use it for purposes other than the intended purpose 

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Hururu Sha-Bu! 五合一寵物廢毛梳

$165.00 $185.00

尺寸: W11.5 x H18.5 cm​

材質: ABS、TPR、不鏽鋼

重量: 136g​

產品配件: 整毛梳/紓壓梳/洗澡梳/開結梳/打薄梳​

產地: 中國









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