Hi Hip Posture Correction Seat

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Product Features

-      Seating correction chair back is designed with ergonomics and high elastic materials

-      Reduce the pressure on the spine and joints, lift and lift the tail bone

-      The use of memory foam core is more personal and more comfortable

-      Thickness 45mm detachable seat cushion, washable mesh cover, easy and convenient to clean

-      Excellent restorability polyurethane cushion, long-term seated, non-fading restorability and comfortable elasticity, make you have a more comfortable enjoyment

-      Use waterproof materials

-      Made in Korea

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          Five features of "hi hip seat correction chair back"


 [Leverage principle design]

When you sit on hi hip cushion, tail bone will rise naturally and pressure on the spine will be relieved The core muscles in the center of the body will be corrected at the same time.


The backrest naturally pushes the thoracic spine forward through the principle of leverage to maintain the correct sitting posture, effectively reducing the pressure on the spine and joints.


 [Ergonomic and highly elastic material design]

The design and materials of the Hi hip cushion are more comfortable and more natural to support your waist. The weight is up to 200 kg, and it will keep you in the correct sitting posture for a long time.


 [Improve disc imbalance]

Our design is considerate of your disc, allowing you to sit in the most natural posture.


 [Double-layer structure cushion and fabric]

It supports the waist softly and firmly, increasing the fit between the body and the cushion.


 [Sturdy but light]: Hi hip cushion is light and easy to use in different positions such as work chairs and sofas


Suitable For:


-      8-year-old Children or above / overweight person up to 200lbs

-      Students and people who sit too much daily

-      People who sit in the office/home for a long time;

-      Students who need to establish correct sitting posture and grow up;

-      Pregnant women, people with back pain, shoulder and neck pain or low back pain (please consult your doctor before use);

-      Drivers, meditating, people who have started to have back problems, etc.

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